Getting Fit with 21 Day Fix

  Dieting always comes down to one important element, and that’s the dieter’s commitment to a plan. Whether the desire is to loss ten pounds or a hundred those who want to lose weight need to find those options that inspire them and keep them motivated. The 21 Day Fix is often either a great immediate fix or the positive start to a successful journey toward weight loss. This isn’t the standard Beachbody program, but it is one, which has worked for many people who need to get back into shape and learn valuable methods of portion control. Find more about 21 Day Fix at Days to Fitness.

The 21 Day Fix Difference

As with most workout programs that incorporate a diet most of Beachbody’s products are 90% focused on the workout with 10% of the concept behind the plan relating to the diet. Often diets are merely a matter of recommendations about eating a balanced meal, or foods to avoid. This isn’t the case with this fix. The program this time is 50% percent workout to 50% diet plan. This fix is designed to help someone lose at least 10 pounds in just over two weeks. In long term those using this program also helps someone look at both exercise and daily food intake in a different way.

The Work Out Plan

21 day fix workouts When ordering this program those hoping for an easy workout might or might not find it. Depending on the level of fitness for the person attempting it the workout can either be challenging, or very simple.  Following the program is easy, but it some individuals will need to use modified moves until they reach the level of fitness necessary to complete the entire workout. The workout includes six workout disks and each are 30 minutes long. This makes it simple to plan for the workout daily. Even those with a busy schedule, or who have changing schedules can find 30 minutes a day to workout at home. For those determined to lose at least 10 pounds in 21 consecutive days. Included are the total body cardio, upper body, low body, Pilates, Cardio, and Yoga fix. Each video is done in a schedule with no breaks. Those performing the workouts will start with the first video on day one then move to second one, and proceed through the entire number set. Once the set is done this is repeated with the cycle remaining the same for the 21 days. While it’s tempting to find a favorite the system works best keeping to the cycle.

How the Cycle Works

The videos used one after the other will give the individual using this program a well-rounded exercise program that works in just 30 minutes per day. The other benefit is the variety this offers the person working out. Many people continue with the program after 21 days having grown to like this method of keeping fit, and eventually move on to more challenging programs.

Working Out a Home

Working out at home offers benefits as well. Here the person wanting a fitter, healthier body and appearance can see an improvement quickly without having to make difficult changes to their schedules. It also offers this person more control. There are no long lines, locked doors, or out of order machines offering excuses not to workout. The DVD is always waiting no matter what time a workout will start. Clothing can be loose and comfortable since there’s no social pressure to look a certain way. There’s no reason to care how one looks while going about the exercise, allowing someone to get into the mood and spirit of the workout without distraction. A reward in the form of a favorite movie, book or game can be sitting just within reach as soon as the workout is over encourage the person making this important change in getting fit, and remaining healthy.

The Diet That’s not a Diet

21 day fix containers The diet is the other key portion of the 21 Day Fix program. Instead of a simple fold out pamphlet as found with so many other fitness programs. This is full, complete diet plan explaining the one issue so many people in the U.S. and America have. This diet devised by Autumn Calabrese is based on her years of experience as a trainer. It’s also based on her understanding of busy schedules. She herself is a single working Mom and understands that many people don’t have the time to measure out food, or spend hours shopping for just the right combinations. Her diet is based on a simple system, and knowledge of how the American and British diet has been changed by large portions of food meant to entice diners. Her plan offers a simple approach that cuts out the guesswork and obsessing about food.

The Portion Control Answer

Along with the exercise videos there’s an explanation of the diet, and the containers to carry food or have it ready for the day. In these cups the person using the program will fill the containers with the appropriate food type. Here there’s no way to forget, over indulge or having a difficult time understanding the plan. The color coded system for the containers, makes it easy to have lunch ready and packed for the day in just a few minutes.

The color scheme for the containers is simple.

21 day fix coloured containers

  • Purple: Fruit portion
  • Red: Protein
  • Yellow: Carbohydrates
  • Green: Vegetables
  • Blue:  Healthy fats and cheese
  • Orange(2): Seeds and oils
  • Shakology Shaker Cup: Mix for drinks

The rule on the cups is simple as if the food doesn’t fit in the cup the program follower doesn’t eat it. This is the best program for those who are rushing to get other people out the door in the morning, or who themselves dash out the door with seconds to spare in getting to work or school.

The Overall Picture

This is a program that will not only jumpstart a weight loss goal it can answer many questions about dieting, portion control, and working out for someone even as the pounds come off.


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